Services We Provide
These are the suggested services our company offers.  Using a graded approach, we can customized services
by adding the right people at the right time.  
Independent Verification and Validation
    Review Customer's Deliverables for project (RFP, Project Plan, Environment, Requirements, etc.)
    Review Vendor Deliverables (Design, Code, Testing, Plans, Support, etc.)
    Create Formal Inspection Report on Deliverables
    Review Software Testing and Quality Assurance Management to Industry Averages and Best Practices
    Participate in In-Formal Inspections
    Perform Complete Risk Analysis
    Perform Acceptance Testing on Final Product
    Provides Oversight for User Acceptance Testing
    Reviews Data Conversions
    Review all documentation for Standards, Practices and Conventions
    Compliance for Regulatory, State and Federal Laws

Quality Assurance
    Test Management
    Project Scheduling
    Test Planning
    Requirements and Design Analysis
    Test Requirements & Objectives
    Requirements Traceability / Requirements Management
    Defect/Bug reporting and Tracking Results Reporting (Test Metrics)
    Risk Management and Release Management

Software Testing
    Test Plan
    Test Cases
    Test Scripts or Procedures
    Test Execution and Test Results

QA Assessments
    Review the current Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) characteristics in order to learn where and how to
    make improvements.
    Personnel Experience and Management
    Test Methods and Techniques
    QA Methods and Techniques
    Environment and Support Testing Tools
    Project and Life Cycle Management
    Software Measurement

Staff Augmentation